Building Organizational Strategies For Change

Consulting & Coaching

Strategic planning and clarity to unlock your organization's potential and creating a values driven action plan.

Strategic Planning
& Clarity

Work with your team to design a process that enables you to unlock the potential of your organization and find clarity in what you need to do to achieve your vision. This process will play a critical role in informing future projects and partnerships. We develop a framework and action plan that values the whole organization, and each of the people who are a part of it, building in room for adaptiveness and responsiveness as your organization changes. This plan will leave you with clear steps for making big decisions as you grow.

  • Get clear on your purpose, mission & vision.
  • Develop a clear action plan to unlock your potential.

Impact Assessment & Evaluation

Helping your team to create a concise plan to identify, capture and report metrics while supporting learnings and progress towards your impact. We will work collaboratively to build capacity within your organization - guiding you through each part of the process to leave you feeling focused on your impact. You will create a tool to better enable your team to monitor and track programs and projects as you achieve  your impact. You will leave feeling an increased commitment to your organization's purpose, mission and vision.

  • Build capacity to deepen your understanding of the impacts of your work.
  • Utilize participatory evaluation strategies.

Here are what some of our clients have to say

There are many things that I could write about that make Chad so amazing. But the one thing that makes Chad stand out for me, is that, he is someone that I strive to be like. His motivation, his charisma and his overall work ethic is uplifting and inspiring. Chad makes you want to be apart of something. When you have a conversation with him, he doesn't talk at you, he talks with you."

Deanna Wright

Customer Service Agent with Allstate

I have had the pleasure of working with Chad in several projects and I can tell he has a very strong sense of management and technology knowledge. He is very creative and knows how to give the right direction to accomplish any goals at any stage of the project. Chad is a man with many talents that can bring groups of people together and make things happen really fast."

Jesús Parlange

Co-Owner at Organic Code Design

Chad is an extremely high energy and passionate professional, who will not only individually portray but on a large scale present an image of enthusiasm and motivation to any audience. Given the right opportunity within a business environment, undoubtedly has to ability to impact the culture and results with a cohesive impact on the employees and participants involved.”

Miguel Gil

IT/IM Senior Recruiter with SAP

Chad is firm in his communication and stands behind the strategy 100% without deviating course during challenges. Strategic, knowledgeable and mindful, he demands the best from others but not without showing how it's done first. Efficient and effective in his delivery, he is a born leader who possesses resilience and agility, and has the stamina to go the distance. With no shortage of humility and compassion, Chad thrives in elevating those around him and the value of his leadership is unparalleled."

Ketevan Larsen

Social Media Strategist for the City of Vancouver


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